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3 Golden Rules To Follow In Plumbing Emergencies

Water-related plumbing emergencies such as burst pipes, slab leaks and running toilets waste liters of water. Leaking water ruins floors, ceilings, walls and can also initiate hazardous mold growth. Preventive maintenance can help reduce emergency plumbing scenarios but unfortunately cannot stave them off completely. When plumbing emergencies strike out in your home, follow the 3…
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Burst Geyser

What To Do If Your Geyser Bursts

What To Do If Your Geyser Bursts A burst geyser can turn into a big problem very quickly. Please contact us immediately if your geyser has just burst. Switch off the geyser isolator switch on the main electrical distribution board. Open a hot water tap for a few minutes, this will relieve the pressure from the geyser.…
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How To Unblock Drains (DIY)

How To Unblock Drains (DIY) Blocked drains are one of the most serious, yet common housing problems that you can find in most properties in Cape Town. Drains are essential to your property, yet at most times they are overlooked. Drains serve as channels for water to enter your property and sewage to exit your…
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